I got paid the first time on this card on October 29th. I called because there was a amount I did not recognize. I asked the rep the name of the merchant and due to the poor understanding of the English language she canceled my card. I was then placed on hold 3 times for over 1 hour and 45 minutes then given the runaround. The only way to get my money was to go to Ace, buy a elite card then I finally got someone that moved the money – a supervisor, who assured me that I would not have any issue on my next payday!

Well here we are again November 12th and I have no access to my pay check. I was told money could not be MOVED from one Card to another. Well that's crazy. You just did it 2 weeks ago, then you tell me I don't know my child's name? No YOUR REP TYPED it in wrong due to the fact they don't understand English! I was then told a NetSpend card was mailed on November 2nd. It must be walking because it still has not made it to my house. So you can't even get a number to the corporate office. I want MY Money. What a horrible experience and your customer service is less than 1 star. It's a MINUS 5 stars. And to top that off YOU HAVE ME LOCKED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. All because i don't know my dead child's name!!!

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