Almost every day I get an UNWANTED, UNSOLICITED, mailer from New Day USA, despite these facts: I'm not a veteran, nor am I closely related to any. Am not interested in borrowing, refinancing or anything else from this company. I am on the National do not mail list. I have called and requested to be removed from their mailing list many times and every time I was promised I would be removed. So they are liars, too!

I am an environmentalist that does everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint and am appalled and offended daily by their callous waste of paper sending millions of unwanted mail. Everything about this company offends me. I would NEVER do business with them! I would be willing to join any boycott, protest or overthrow of this company and would love to see their board publicly outed for the scum sucking lowlifes preying on veterans that they are!

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