Sharon Roussouw is possibly one of the worst business women I have EVER dealt with. She had multiple excuses and story after story (most of which do not line up with each other) for why our couches were delivered 3-4 weeks after promised deadline. When we FINALLY received the couches, they were bright blue as opposed to the brown material payed for… It is infact questionable if these are our couches at all.

It is a shocking job done and the couches looked better before they went in. She kept on saying that it was a big job???? But now story has changed and said she outsourced the job without telling us???? But cannot tell us to who.

She is a Scammer and an unethical business woman and quite frankly is so rude.

We have started the process to go to court and were informed by the small claims officer in Krugersdorp that we are the second family to complain within the same week????

So PLEASE do NOT trust this woman… Their address is Cnr Rissik & Eloff Krugersdorp (Close to President Hyper)


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