I am going to try to keep this short, as it has been over a 7 week process, and I'm still working on it! On Sept. 26,2015, I visited NY&Co. For the first time. I found pants that were great, but other color options not available in my size. Sales associate informs me I can pay sale price and have them shipped to me. I receive the wrong pants and in a size 4xs larger than what I could even wear.

I contact customer service and am given the run around for a month about what can be done. I am finally told those pants are no longer available and a refund will be in my account within 7 business days. I go online to find the EXACT pants available in my size and the color that I wanted. It has been over 7 business days and I still do not have a refund. I was told via email today that it will take an additional 14 business days, possibly longer to get my money back. I paid for these pants over 7 weeks ago! I have not received the merchandise or a refund! I have just been told "sorry for your inconvenience". Absolutely ridiculous how I have been treated!

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