Do not buy from Newegg!!! Ok my story… I bought two, high-end speakers. One came damaged. I called and spoke with Customer Service. Ended up talking with a manager. After telling me I could wait up to two weeks for a new one after sending back the old one I was unhappy. Basically at the end said, "I can't believe I was treated like it's my fault and I get to wait two weeks for my new speaker when I ordered it with two-day express shipping." They reluctantly gave me a $25.00 credit. Ok so I'm waiting and a week and a half later I call and they say, "Sorry but we haven't shipped you a new speaker because we are out of stock."

At this point I am beyond dissatisfied and asked for any solution possible. Their solution was, "We refund you for one and you buy another one if we get it back in stock." This being a stereo speaker set, I have one and they aren't sold anywhere else as a single. I'm like, "I'll just return the other one." They say, "No problem. That's gonna be a $45.00 restock fee." I protested and said, "It's not my fault. I just want two new speakers I paid for." "Sorry, " they say, "Technically they are sold individually here."

I then got off the phone and got a hold of a supervisor two levels up. He said he would get me taken care of or see about letting me return the other with no fee. It has now been over 3 weeks since I paid for the speakers and no satisfaction. Another few days go by and somehow by the grace of God they find one in the warehouse and ship it out to me. Btw the said speaker went on a sale and was in stock when I called the supervisor then went out of stock again. I basically got no help from level 1, level 2, or level 3 customer service supervisors. I was insulted by one of them and I'm leaving some things out so this isn't two full pages of complaints. I will never buy from Newegg again!!!

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