I ordered a PS4 Urban Camo Controller. I received an empty envelope. So I contacted customer service who said it wasn't Newegg that sold it to me but a sub-company, Red Dot, which was weird because I bought it from Newegg's website. Honestly it confused me. So Newegg's customer service can only contact Red Dot through email apparently and they have 48 hours to respond. 2 days later no response so I again contacted Newegg's customer service. 6 days later I received a response from Newegg with an attached email from Red Dot asking for a picture of the envelope because I stated the envelope was too small for a controller, which it was.

Being almost 2 weeks later I had thrown the envelope away because I don't like trash sitting around. So now I am waiting for a response from Red Dot's customer service directly. What a joke. They could not make this harder. And it's only like $55. But the fact that they would send me an empty package and run me around this much is totally unacceptable. You can't take someone's money promising them a product and send them an empty envelope. I have read on other review sites the same thing has happened to other people. I will definitely fight to get my money back even if it's not worth it.

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