I ordered two new laptops from NewEgg.com. I received them and when setting them up, one of them froze up while the basic components were installing, and the other froze up when I tried to download one basic program. The return process was just as frustrating. It took multiple emails to get a response, first from newegg, then the 'seller'. They FINALLY sent the RMA slips for me to return their crap products. I sent them back, followed up once I knew they were received.

At that point the 'seller' was more responsive and I did receive the refund for the laptops. We had also purchased an additional protection warranty from newegg that they claimed would 'automatically' be refunded once the laptop refund was processed. It wasn't. So I emailed. No response. I emailed again. No response. So I called. Finally got through to someone and he started the process to get my refund. Put me on hold, came back, said he was putting everything through and then all of a sudden the call turned into a prerecorded survey wanting to know how I would rate their service. They weren't even done with the service!!! I am now on hold a second time trying to get my money back. This is ridiculous. I'm starting to think they just keep putting people off until they give up. Worst customer service ever to go along with their crap products.

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