I recently ordered a long sleeve Indianapolis Colts t-shirt for my boyfriend as a surprise gift. I also ordered myself a Pittsburgh Steelers women t-shirt. To say the least, I was extremely disappointed with what I received. The Colts t-shirt had loose strings all over it, where if you were to pull them, the shirt would unravel. Not acceptable for a $44 shirt! The Steelers shirt that I received looked as if it was used. The black was severely faded and the overall quality of the shirt was very poor and looked nothing like what was advertised. Given that I spent $84 on two shirts, you would think that they would be good quality or at least decent quality, but that was absolutely not the case. I am returning both of these items for a refund and to add insult to injury, I have to wait up to 20 days for the refund! Absolutely ridiculous. Will not be buying from the nflshop again. Heed the warning!

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