The bill was made out in someone else's name, which he crossed out and put my name instead. The bill was very confusing so he wrote up another bill. When I questioned the salesman he gave me double talk. I said to him the car started at about 18,000 or 19,000 and I am paying 23,426. He crossed out the other person's name and wrote mine in. All he kept saying is your monthly payment is only $250 a month. I was not happy with his explaining the contract and I was totally confused. The salesman knew I was not happy, but I thought it was too late to do anything. I called my lawyer, he said "did he inform you could cancel the car in three days." No one said if you're not happy or satisfied you can cancel. They all knew I was not happy. Next he said you'll get 5 free oil changes. We only got 2. I didn't realized he did not write it on the contract. I took him at his word, my daughter was my witness.

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