2011 Nissan Versa Needs New Engine – Check engine light was blinking, engine started to run rough so I had it towed to a reputable mechanic in town. I was told the #3 cylinder had very low compression and needed a new engine. With only 77k miles how could this be? Called Nissan and told me to take it to a Nissan Authorized Dealer for diagnostics, so Consumer Affairs will review, which I had to tow it there and pay another diagnostic, only to have Consumers Affair deny any assistance for a new engine, because it was outside the perimeter of being out of warranty, pre-owned and I wasn't a loyal Nissan customer for maintenance (I just got the car over the summer). My daughter previously owned the Versa and loyally took it to a Nissan Dealership where she bought it. There have been several complaints of low compression issues not only for Versa but other Nissan models. Although I'm sure they are aware, they will do nothing about it.

So I'm stuck with having to pay for a new engine or dump the car! My son went from excited to drive a newer car to disappointed. It is no longer operable. Had I not paid off the car when I purchase it from my daughter ($5100 left to pay) for my son, she would have had to make payments to the bank for an inoperable car. I was so adamant about my son (new teen driver) having a newer, safe car, certainly wasn't expecting a Nissan vehicle to need a new engine with only 77k miles. Thought Nissan are supposed to run much longer. Very dissatisfied with how Nissan won't back their product.

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