Bought brand new 2015 Nissan Rouge. My tail light has been repaired 3 times due to condensation and currently not fix costing me gas, time, and unwanted mileage. Each time I have to take it to the Nissan Dealership, currently around 357 miles put on going back and forth. File complaint asking them buy back suv or replace SUV, and they said no and set up appointment number 4. If I wanted a problem SUV I would of bought a used one, since lemon law requires 4 attempts to fix it. I can't do anything but put up with the lies they have told me, therefore for all the stress, time, gas, money and mileage I give Nissan a negative 0. Will never buy another Nissan. Since I can't submit this without a star being check I will check 1, but I stand by my negative zero

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