November 17.2015

Dear Nissan,

The following is a true and accurate statement of what occurred in my dealings with members of TriCities Nissan,

First let me begin by saying Iââ? ¬â? ¢m an idiot (I know because my wife tells me often, seriously).in my defense I do not know if it is because I am a Christian or because of all the bad I have seen as a Marine and as a member of law enforcement but I ALWAYS try to see the good in others, often times trusting what they say as gospel. Basically I try my best to give mankind the benefit of doubt. When they disappoint me, I do my best to forgive them and pray for them; usually though I am not out over six grand when the day is done.

My problems began several years ago when my body finally gave out from injuries sustained in eleven wonderful years as a United States Marine. After becoming 100% disabled, we needed a family car since I am unable to drive most days. However being a man, I wanted a truck just to go to the dump, pick up a few groceries or maybe go fishing on one of my ââ? ¬Å? Goodââ? ¬Â? Days. With this in mind, we have been scrimping and saving for about three years as we do not make that much on disability (my wife survived open heart surgery to replace her mitral valve in 2005).

When I came across what appeared to a good deal on the internet, a beautiful 2003 Dodge Dakota (with just a few minor scratches easily buffed out). I talked my wife into going for it since I was tired of waiting (mainly because it gets more and more difficult to get around with each passing day so my window of opportunity is shrinking). Unfortunately, as much as I love the truck (Iââ? ¬â? ¢ve always wanted a Dodge) it has turned out to be a lemon or more accurately a money pit of the worse kind.

I guess I purchased the truck, besides it looking super nice, because I trusted the salesman who made claims of being a Christian. I also relied on the reputation of the Nissan name and the dealership. Even Google gives TriCities Nissan 3.9 out of 4 stars as being a reliable dealership. Another reason is the CarFax report I was provided states ââ? ¬Å? Guaranteed No Problemââ? ¬Â? For the truck not being a piece of junk or a lemon. The report goes on to state that it is worth $160 more than retail book value (which the median price according Kellyââ? ¬â? ¢s Blue Book is $3,785). So with this information as well as the internet ad claiming ââ? ¬Å? An used vehicle in great conditionââ? ¬Â? And ââ? ¬Å? You wonââ? ¬â? ¢t need to get out your tools for a long, long time when you drive this puppy home.ââ? ¬Â? The salesman assured me the truck had passed a 150 point inspection and was a steal for what I was offering. Even a random salesman said he had driven the truck and had found it to be a good solid vehicle that would not give me any problems. With all this information, like the trusting idiot that I am, I signed the papers; including the one stating ââ? ¬Å? As Is.ââ? ¬Â? As I drove it home, I was convinced I had gotten a good deal at $3,500 (although I did balk a little at the $499 doc fees but they had convinced me it was a great truck and these fees were just a necessary evil of purchasing a vehicle).

Surprisingly, the same night I signed the papers we realized the heater was not working. I figured no big deal it was just a faulty thermostat easily fixed; even so I did report it to the salesman. The following day with only 55 miles, the check engine light came on, the radiator had drained leaving only a rust colored sludge in the bottom of the tank, the ABS braking system was not functioning as the rear tires repeatedly locked up, once almost causing an accident. At this point, the salesman for TriCities Nissan would only respond to texts and refused to have his boss give me a call to sort things out. He refused to have him give me a call, stating repeatedly for me to give ââ? ¬Å? Xyzã¢â? ¬Â? A call and we would get things worked out. This salesman was the same person who had advised me the truck had undergone the 150 point inspection and was in great condition.

Finally on November 12,2015 I decided that I could not trust the mechanics at TriCities Nissan considering they had missed so many issues after performing a 150 pint inspection and giving the truck a clean bill of health. With that in mind, we took the truck to a trusted mechanic we had dealt with for many years (yes in hindsight I should have taken it to him right off the bat before signing any papers). With less than 60 miles by the time I arrived at the garage, the ASB light and the emergency brake light came on to go along with all the other issues. On Monday, November 16, the mechanic began his report. The heater was not working due to the heater coil being intentionally disconnected from the fire wall (probably because it had a leak into the cab). This item will cost $838 to fix. Next on the list, the water pump is busted and will take another $325 to fix as long as there are no other problems associated with it or the radiator and another $30 for a bad PC Valve. There were problems in the rear brakes as well as the brake master cylinder being busted and leaking the brake fluid out (a serious issue if you want to stop!). As bad as this seems, the brakes will on set me back another $292 as long as there are no other problems in the brake lines or in the front end. Since we have been customers for so long and I had explained our situation (including our heat pump going out in the middle of the deal with the dealership) as well as the fact that I am 100% disabled, our mechanic has agreed to give us an exceptional deal for the labor. Without any more surprises, the final cost of the repairs and inspection is going to be $1,546.

We considered returning the truck to TriCities Nissan so their mechanics might be able to re-inspect it just to see what they would find and hope the dealership would make the repairs at no cost. The manager stated repeatedly that I had bought the truck ââ? ¬Å? As isââ? ¬Â? (as if I didnââ? ¬â? ¢t already know) and they might consider cutting the repair cost little after his mechanics advised him of what was wrong with the truck. Ultimately since his salesman claimed repeatedly their mechanics had given the truck a clean bill of health after conducting a 150 point inspection, we decided it would be best to allow our mechanic to make the repairs. At least with him we can trust what he is telling us and that he will do the work correctly

Considering the power of social media and the promises made by Nissan, ââ? ¬Å? We will market our products and services honestly;ââ? ¬Â? I canââ? ¬â? ¢t believe they would actually go through with such a sale knowing that I had just lost a heat pump and will be shelling out $4,000 Tuesday, November 17 to get it fixed or even worse that I am a 100% Disabled Veteran who sacrificed his body so they could sell their pack of lies to unsuspecting consumers. Whatââ? ¬â? ¢s so funny is that although they have shattered my trust and faith in their dealership and Nissan, I have forgiven them (or at least Iââ? ¬â? ¢m working on it) and praying for guidance. I know that God will protect me and my family and somehow He will provide for us like He always does. I am praying very hard that this experience does not completely jade my faith in the good of the human raceââ? ¬Â¦ I am also praying for them as I do not know how they are able to sleep at night knowing this is the way they do businessââ? ¬Â¦

While I am providing all this detailed information, please note that other than my word, I do have their web advertisement, their CarFax document as well my mechanics report and bill. I am sure they will huff and puff claiming that I am misrepresenting the facts but the simple truth of the matter is that I have the proof to back up my claims. Still, I believe that most normal people would have more than a reasonable expectation a vehicle purchased from a major dealership such as Nissan would last more than a day as well as many more miles than just fifty before requiring a mechanic.

Just one last thing; please pray for TriCities Nissan, their general manager, the sale manager and their salespeople. Maybe, just maybe our prayers about this incident will touch one of their hearts and make a difference in their lives. Also, if you donââ? ¬â? ¢t mind, since I am struggling right now with forgiving them, although I am trying, a small prayer in that area might help me find forgiveness in my own heart. Thank you, take care and may God blessââ? ¬Â¦


Robert D. Rose Jr.


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