After many, many years of using Norton Antivirus software, I guess we are done. My husband bought a new copy of the software (360 for 3 machines) a little less than a year ago to have on hand for when our subscriptions expired. His expired a couple of days ago so he attempted the installation. All went ok until it was time to activate it. It claimed that this copy was not valid for our geographic area. What? We bought it locally, in the same tech store we always buy our computer hardware/software. And why would there be a restriction on its usage anyway??? We clicked on the link to see what to do. It was not helpful at all.

We ended up going back to the store and buying a different product and will not be using Norton any longer. So there is $100 down the tubes. Also, one of the reasons we got this last year is because it has become increasingly impossible to find the Norton software in the stores, so we thought we'd better grab it when we found it. Does this mean they are not doing so well with all the competition out there? Very disturbing experience.

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