I have also had problems with this company! I was amazed with the similarity with other reviews! My mortgage (current and have my own homeowners ins) monthly amount also changes! Then I call Ocwen and after 5 months of back and forth, every reason from: 1.ins proof (which was sent 6xs from my private ins), 2. Creating an escrow acct to which my loan has no escrow, 3. To me "paying" back the escrow to which they created because I had "no insurance" per them, 4. Finally receiving proof.

I was behind in prior years and had been current for 3 yrs. Upon being current, these "charges" started appearing. I wish there was an overseeing board that keeps these shady companies in check. Also to speak with an American would be a bonus. A horrible, shady company. The government should look in to this company that has "offices" in IL and FL, but everything is handled in India.

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