I was granted a modification; terms were principal is to be reduced each Oct if I make the payments as planned. Well I have made all of the payments as agreed and have to continually write Ocwen to get the balance to reflect what was agreed. Even with a MBA degree, I was out of work for 3 years. Had to go back to school and learn a new profession and a second masters and finally found work. Held on to the house but my savings are all gone, and my credit was devastated, but I have a good job now. After the modification, I filed bankruptcy; my home was not included in the bankruptcy and I am paying Ocwen directly.

Even so, Ocwen is not reporting to my payments to the credit bureau or issuing me monthly statements. When questioned, I received an offline generated statement reflecting no information other than my payment amount. This seems rather odd as I am current and all the fields on the statement are blank except for the amount of the payment. I am currently working through the credit bureau to have Ocwen update their reporting of my account and plan to reach out to the BBB for help. As I have read many of the horror stories, I think as customers we should collectively band together and get a class action going to address all of our issues and help Ocwen become a better mortgage servicer. As individuals, it seems we all are falling short but collectively we may get some traction.

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