Pros: Was able to modify loan when home was nearly lost due to divorce, bankruptcy, and medical problems.interest rate was better. Still can't get the wusband off the note, despite the fact that they have all the divorce settlement papers and he didn't sign any of the loan mod papers. Cons: Continually harassing phone calls before the 15th of the month when payment is officially late, sometimes 2 a day. Blocked their number. Continuous mail all month, it seems. Reminders, packets. Never a rep on the phone who speaks English as their primary language. Have had photos taken of my house. Have had reminders on my door knob in a confidential envelope (last month), with a torn off shabby piece of paper in it. Guess I'm considered "high-risk, " but can't stand the harassing. My payments have gone up randomly (nearly $200/month), with them stating my escrow account fell short. Sure wish I could refinance, but I fear I'm stuck with them.

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