These people have nerve. They don't speak English, so when you deal with their CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY SAID.

I AM ANGRY JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!! They stole my home!!! Last July 2014, they sat on my paperwork over 8 months, I was going through loan modification. Since they were so slow, NEVER responded, the Judge said enough. They foreclosed. I owned that house (my home) my kids and I. I brought them up there. I complained to everyone, ATTORNEY General. I live in god forsaken fl. The worst state imaginable. We were one of the hardest hit states. So many programs to offer. I WAS TOLD THEY WERE BEING watched for illegal practices. Our State Attorney did NOTHING. Even went to consumer financial, a government program… TO NO AVAIL.

Yes Ocwen continues to really ruin a person's mind, also their lives. They steal, the owner is a thief. Geez, I wonder what happened with the investigation? They are scammers. They STEAL our homes, to top, they get away with it. I'm going to report them to BARACK OBAMA. I'm sick to death. THEY never sent an officer with eviction PAPERS. Altisource made a deal with me, if I was to get out of the house by September 21, they would give me $5,000. What a crock. I'm a very angry person, and I'm reading all the other complaints. Well, I'm going to report them. Consumer financial did nothing!!!

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