After walking around this store, I then approached a young, White male at the front counter, & asked about a product. He immediately told me that the item was sold out. Then suggested I try looking in 2 diff locations, within the store. After walking around for about 10 min, a young White female agent, asked if I needed assistance. She then walked me directly to my requested item. There were lots of Rolodex products, with many different sizes & prices. That front counter agent later said, that these items will be discontinued. Only 2 items were on sale, but everything else still showed its regular price. After paying for my items, the cashier (another young White male, wearing glasses), was barely polite. While placing my change into my wallet, this cashier's whole demeanor became very different, while assisting the next person in line, (an older White male). Not only did he say "Thank You", but also "have a great day". I am a tall, older Black woman, & I feel that all cashiers should consider thanking all of their customers. This is a great store with lots of great inventory. I will definitely return, but not anytime soon.

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