I opened a credit card with old navy 11 months ago cause deals for my kids winter clothes are good. I paid off my account in july when i tried using my card again now in november it was declined when i called customer care to see why my account was closed the representative didnt know how to explain nor tried to resolve this issue first he said it was cause of inactivity and i stated i had other store cards paid off and account has still been active i keep receiving deals so i can go and spend money in their stores. Representative stated i received letter when i didnt he kept going back and forth that it was inactivity it was credit score… When i asked to be transfered to survey got a recording that there was technical problems.

I am very unsatisfied with the services and the closing of my account this damages my credit scores. Other department stores have much better consideration for their customers that dont owe and try to accomidate as their valued customer

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