I picked up over $200 clothes from store in which there were 3 pants which were school uniform fit to my daughter priced at 1 cent. The price was checked at the floor before I went to cashier. The cashier, when checked 1 cent for the pant, called supervisor if she can sell it for the price. The supervisor came refused to offer me the product so I decided not to buy it and separate it. However, she thought my gestures were bad and she called security to leave me the store.

I argued that the product is priced at that price and I had priced checked before I was paying for out. But she ask cashier to charge full price with 50% discount with rude approach to me as if I was stealing the clothes which is priced in their own computer. I had over $200 worth of clothes but she never cared for it, and I left the store because of her humiliation and rude behaviour.

Next day, I reported the incidence to the store manager and gave him my phone number explaining everything happened. But he never returned my phone call nor he said anything that his supervisor in line did anything wrong. As a matter of fact, he thinks that she is a leader of the store and I may have problem. There is no Order number or receipt as the supervisor ask me to leave the store.

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