I walked into Old Navy in Northcrest Shopping Center @ 8:34 with my daughter. By 8:35, all 6 employees had harassed me. Asking if I needed help because they will be closing at 9… I rejected the help but thanked them. (Each thanks got dryer) At 8:54, I had well over $150 worth of merchandise and was headed to check out when I decided to exchange an item due to size. Well, here comes Chris AGAIN… Telling me they are closed. (8:58) I let him know I was formerly employed by Old Navy and they close when the last customer leaves. He rudely interrupted me to lie and say that he has to set the alarm by a certain time… ALL LIES! Then he tells me "need to hurry up and make my" which are all words that would make a customer not want to make a purchase.

Anyhow I get to the register and Jackie (an employee of 2 wks) apologized for her manager's unethical behavior! Shocked and disappointed (not because of my $193 total) I apologized to Jackie as I was in dismay that CHRIS WAS A MANAGER. I politely decided NOT to give Old Navy another one of my hard earned monies. (But I remembered I originally went for boots my daughter had really wanted, so I did get 2 pair) I spend at least $400 a month at Old Navy and at this particular store. I am so let down from this experience that I will never shop Old Navy again.

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