A month ago I was searching for blue wine glasses on sale for $1.00 ea to decorate as souvenirs, for my daughter's wedding which was to take place in 3 weeks in Savannah. I needed at least 30 but unfortunately, there was only 1 left. A worker asked me if I needed help. I told her my predicament. She proceeded to search all the aisles with glassware in search of 30 blue wine glasses. This lady scoured the store, searched in the backrooms, made phone calls to another store… She was determined to find these wine glasses for me. I appreciated her effort so much… However it was not to be. I decided to look for candle holders as a last resort. Ten minutes later… She approaches me with a smile and tells me the other store found 27 wine glasses. She personally picked them up for me and 2 days later she brought them to the Brandon Store! Who does that??!! Cynthia Prewitt does! What a gem Old Time Pottery has… And she is the District Manager! I truly wish to thank her… I will never forget that day… She was my ANGEL!

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