I took my daughter and grandchildren to lunch at the Bonita Lakes Crossing Olive Garden today. The server, service and food were all excellent. However, the new gizmo on the tables is a nightmare. First, no I do not want you to have my contact information to send advertisements: my husband and I are on the national and state "No Call Lists" for a reason. Second, my 13 yr old grandchild was fooling with the thing while my daughter and I were visiting: turns out he had ordered a game that I was expected to pay for? The charge was taken off my bill when I complained, but I thought it sneaky that we were not warned such could happen. Lastly, no way was I going to feed my plastic to that thing! I paid in cash, but I plan to never go to Olive Garden again! (I stopped going to O'Charley's because of similar apparatus on the dining tables.)

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