Tonight my husband and I Had the pleasure of dining in your fine establishment. We had traveled to Bloomingon, Indiana for an appt. And wanted a bite to eat after. We actually stopped at O'Charleys where we encountered live roaches crawling on our plate of food that they had delivered to our table. Of course, we left there. We were quite sickened by the whole thing, but as my husband is diabetic, he had to eat, so we made our way to your Olive Garden. It took me a while to get over being sickened by the whole incident, but he is quicker. We had a short wait, so that helped. Everyone was friendly. Our server Beth was exceptional too. (I hear that they can earn a trip to Italy, so I would give her our vote.) Anyway, we were very impressed with the look of this restaurant. Not only was it decorated nicely, but very clean! I enjoyed looking at the decor, but the cleanliness was very appreciated after our horrible experience a the other restaurant. I just want to thank the staff and the professionalism that has trickled down to this restaurant. Thank-you! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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