I never make complaints, but this time Happy Rhino Hotel in Cape Town, has gone just too far! The owners Amy Collinson and Oliver Darnell operate in the most unethical manner. Besides the fact that you do not get what you pay for, they refuse to pay deposits back, they breach their contracts, duck and dive when you try to see them and don't return your calls or emails…..the list goes on and on!
I have now noticed that when I google their names or Happy Rhino, many other contractors have also not been paid, and many others have not got their deposits back either. These two shady characters are linked to so many scams it seems, from running a false recruitment agency, taking peoples money but never giving them the jobs, renting out their homes on airbnb and safari and cancelling last minute after collection, even their aupair posted how badly she was treated and that she and other workers never got paid. The internet posts are endless about people who have been scammed by them. They continue treating people very badly, screaming and swearing like lunatics is an understatement. Their poor staff cant speak up in fear of losing their jobs. I struggle to understand how people operate like this – however we too have been scammed of tens of thousands and I hope that no-one else falls prey to their scams.

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