If you value your time and money, do not use this service at all! This is the most frustrating experience I've ever had in dealing with a company to try to resolve a problem. I made a round trip booking with OneTravel.com to travel from Moscow-Los Angeles – Moscow. They charged my credit card for $795. After arriving in Los Angeles Transaero filed bankruptcy and my return flight was cancelled. OneTravel will not take any responsibility to give me a refund. They pass the buck to the airlines even though they were the ones who took my money.

Their customer service will put you on hold for the longest time probably hoping you will just get frustrated and forget about the whole thing. I definitely will not do any business with this company and please be warned. You might think you are saving money but you will end up wasting time and money when you experience any kind of problem with them. OneTravel will not give out an address so you can correspond in writing for official documentation.

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