My name is Amy LaBrash and I am writing to you because I am having a major issue with OEG and the contract we got intimidated into in May 2015. My husband, Steven LaBrash and I got approached by an aggressive sales person in which we lied to get away from. She came back later to our back door saying she was affiliated with Enbridge and wanted to show us how to get more energy efficiency out of our furnace and air conditioner that was with the sale of our house in 2010.
She went down to the basement with Steven, and told us how our furnace was ready to die and our air conditioner, which was fairly new, was letting off harmful Freon and they needed to be replaced. Told us that if government came around they would force us to replace them. As a lower income couple we could not afford to come up with the money to replace both and then she continued to play on our fears. She sat at our kitchen table, while we ate our dinner, and told us there was a program available to replace the furnace and air conditioner and would not cost us that much. They would get rid of our contract with Summitt Energy at no penalty, two months with no charges to see how much we would save, a cover for our air conditioner for the winter, they would come service the appliances twice a year at no cost to us and said our bills should only be at most $259 a month with the rental fee of $79.99 of each appliance totaling $150 on our energy bill.
Steven and I talked amongst ourselves and though we knew our bill would be a little more we believed we were making the right choice to have more energy efficient appliances in our home. We had already bought new washer and dryer, got new windows and door put in and believed this too would be good in the long run. The sales girl was in a hurry to scam someone else and after we went over all the promises again we signed. Biggest mistake of our lives!
Promise 1) Cancel our contract with Summitt Energy with no obligation. This was not possible as they are not allowed to do so and so far has cost us $95. She said we would not have to pay carbon offset which is going to cost me another $60 to get rid of that.
Promise 2) Two months with no rental charges.in fact we only got one month with reduced charges of $49.99 then second month was full charge. So another promise broken
Promise 3) Our bills, depending on how much we used, would only be approx. $259 a month. Our first bill was $400 and we have been behind ever since. Truly afraid Enbridge may cut us off completely. My husband works full time but doesn`t make that much since I am part time on restricted hours due to illness.
Promise 4) Maintaince of rented appliances. Still to this day no promised cover for air conditioner and got a call for maintance but I would have to pay. I told them that was not part of the agreement.
I have contacted OEG and admit I have lost my cool with a few choice words but have been very stressed out. I thought I could handle it but as of lately they are hanging up on me every time I call. There are many others in Brockville with these same issues and there have been investigations into
OEG from the Better Business Bureau for misleading customers and being to aggressive when approaching peoples homes and not following through with their contract to the consumer. I don`t want to loose everything because of this company and realize I signed a contract but want to know where I stand to make them responsible for their part in the agreement.
Thank you for your time in reading this complaint and I look forward to hearing of some ways I can deal with this situation.

Amy LaBrash

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