For the past two years I have been ordering an Rx that's considered a controlled substance. Our health insurer – United Healthcare mandates that we use OptumRx because mail order is cheaper and OptumRx is owned by United Healthcare. No matter how official the doctor-written prescriptions and how frequent the doctor-OptumRx communications, OptumRx has NEVER properly filed my prescription. It's either inexplicably late in arrival or gets inexplicably stalled in bureaucracy and incompetence.

Here's just a sample of OptumRx's folly. My Rx didn't arrive when it was supposed to. I called OptumRx (by then I was all out of medication) to find out what disaster had ensued that time. The customer rep. Said the MD's script did not have a zip code and they could not process the script. BTW: I did not learn that until I called them. Fact: all of my MD's script forms have all his contact info.including location and zip code. OptumRx is by far the worst business I have ever encountered. I cannot believe they even exist. It's as if they invent ways to the customer.

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