They just don't care. Any other company is easier and more concerned with your early September 2015, they shipped to me the wrong medication in the bottle. The bottle was marked with the correct information, but the wrong medication. I almost had a severe problem, but I noticed the pills were not the correct ones. After calling I received the run around. I spoke to "escalations" and they assured me that the new pills were going to be shipped. NEVER apologetic, never concerned about my health. The new pills never came. Every time I called, I had to start from the beginning as there was no notes on my account! They almost killed me! A new person, on hold, escalations, a different call center, etc. This went on for 4 days. I finally gave up, when I realized I was being lied to and answers were all "I dont know". This restructured, re-incorporated company is not worth your health, your life, or your business. Stay away and live.

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