I am a Director of Revenue and used to be a cheerleader for Opera, telling other properties to get it but there customer support is beyond horrible. The system just underwent an "upgrade" to Oracle but let me tell you it is the worst downgrade I have experienced. I have 7 open tickets that have been open for 1-2 weeks. I call to follow-up because they won't they tell me it is escalated to more experienced technician. What does that mean? As I am typing this I am on hold with opera support with an expected wait time of 22 minutes! This is only after I was already on the call with an Opera support tech that had me run around and check other computer stations on the property for this "Unexpected Error" and the tech said I will hold. After I run around to everyone's computer to find that yes they are all experiencing it. I run back to my phone with no on there they hung up!!! Have they tried to call me back? Of course not.

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