Absolutely I had to advise the authorities, DOT in this case, as ORBITZ is based in the US. And I think, thank to them (DOT), you are taking ownership of this issue and answer me so soon (with no resolution though). What if I had not made a complaint to DOT, would you have answer me in a prompt manner? I doubt it! DO you have any SOP regarding response and resolution time to your clients issues? Ms. Shalon please, DO answer me this question. Did ORBITZ solve my problem? (I'm not adding in a prompt, efficient manner. I waited for a WEEK and no resolution.) Did you successfully help me to re-book my flight to continue my trip? Did you help me in any way, shape, or form during my stay in Toronto while I was waiting for Orbitz to find me a solution? I stayed in Toronto from Nov 4 to Nov 11 on my own expenses, will there be any refund on that?

I did contacted TAM directly to get a re-book ticket on my own since ORBITZ was doing NOTHING to help me out.interestingly enough, after I sent an email to TAM airlines, I got a reply in less than 1 hour with a ticket re-book solution! How long do you want me to wait for the INEFFICIENT client support at ORBITZ to find me a solution? Every time I called Orbitz, no one seems to know what was my situation? (based on more than 15 calls in 5 days, log of calls are on my cell phone) This is UNACCEPTABLE. Also, I went in that web link you send me (which is also the wrong link, yet another mistake from ORBITZ representative) and based on the link, you are only providing VISA information for US citizens. There is no way to enter any other location outside the US to search for VISA requirements in other country. MAYBE ORBITZ SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELL TICKETS OUTSIDE THE US?

If this is the link you are based your argument, definitely ORBITZ should not sell tickets outside the US! I hope the D. O. T. Will take a closer look at the claim as it is LEGIT based on lack of information at the time of ticket purchase. You left me stranded in a city that was just a layover. I realized I had to contact the airline myself in order to continue my trip. I am not sure you really understand the complexity of this issue and the lack of client support, knowledge, and professionalism that ORBITZ provide to their clients when they are in trouble. By doing my research, I have found 100s of complaints against ORBITZ. I think D. O. T. Should also take a closer look and revised your permit to stay in business.

On my own experience, you are just a money grabber. I said this based on my own experience. When I arrived here in Brazil (GRU), I did asked the immigration officer, based on my passport and citizenship, "What if I stay a few days more than 90 days? What do I need to do to extend my visa?" Their answer, "GO TO A LOCAL POLICE STATION and request an extension!" So, based in that answer from the proper immigration officer at GRU airport, all this situation that TAM airline and supported by ORBITZ was just a waste of time, money, and resources. Ms Kimberly please make note of this email. This is the current information regarding extending visas in Brazil.
Any foreigner entering Brazil must have a passport (valid for at least six months after the date of arrival) and depending on their nationality, a visa. A tourist visa is issued on arrival for some nationalities or obtained from the appropriate Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in their place of residence prior to travelling to Brazil. Tourist visas are usually valid for 90 days. Visitors can extend their visa by 90 additional days once in any 12-month period at a Federal Police (Policia Federal) office. Proof of sufficient funds will be required. I did tell this to the TAM Gate agent on Nov 4th who was a Brazilian citizen and she denied it to me. I think she was wrong and TAM Airlines should know about it.

At this time my expenses in Toronto ($1000) and purchase of a new ticket from Toronto to Natal cost me approx. $700, and I should be reimbursed on 100% of it. Hopefully ORBITZ will learn from this experience, improve and make corrective action to your internal policies, Standard Procedures and retrain their Customer service staff. I also think that Travel agencies (ORBITZ) should follow ISO 10002 standards (if you know what I'm talking about) and required to be certified and all their staff comply to it! I will wait for your answer and resolution to this problem.

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