So I placed my order on on the 13th of November. Then the terrorist attacks in Paris happened. Now granted I'm not going to Paris, I still feel based on a new video I just watched where threats on American travel industry is imminent according to ISIS militant video, that I'd rather not travel on December 24th or 25th. I just wanted to switch it to the 26th. You would have thought I asked them to kill themselves. Wanted to take my $423.77 I spent on the round trip but also charge me $230.00 plus 35.00 and then make me pay for new flights.

I also have the insurance which is useless except for loss of job, military active duty, and non pre-existing medical issues. Which you have to provide documentation for everything so it's not assurance but actual insurance. I screwed up. What a waste of money. But this is my call to arms, if there are any attacks in the US this Christmas I will personally lay on Orbitz doorstep until they have me forcibly removed. I must say the lack of compassion was sickening. They pray that you cancel 'cause they get to keep every cent, plus some.

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