About three weeks ago my car died. Time for a new battery I thought.installed a brand new battery and the very next day my car died again. Ok, time for a new alternator. Took my car to the shop and sure enough it was needing to be replaced. Everything seemed to be working just fine until I was 300 miles away from home and my battery light turned on. This lasted about a day until my car completely shut down on me. Unfortunately my car was out of state and so was I. I had absolutely no one to help me or come pick me up and I was stranded in a big city away from home with a dead car. Took me three days before I could finally figure out that what was wrong was a bad alternator installation.

Last night I was finally able to pick up my car and head home. I got about 300 miles and sure enough the newly second alternator went bad again. Car battery turned on and we ran some tests this morning and sure enough the "new" alternator they installed yesterday was actually bad. I have now missed three days of work. Been stranded in another city in a different state all because O'Reilly's has sold me 2 faulty alternators in a three week time span. I am livid. It has cost me WELL over a thousand dollars not to mention not being able to return to work.

I do not feel safe being a 29 year old female BREAKING down on the side of 1-5 at 11 o'clock at NIGHT knowing I am 300 MILES AWAY from home because O'REILLYS cant get their crap together. This should be resolved. I am lucky I still even have my job! I am completely outraged and cannot believe the amount of stress, money and trouble this has caused. I am about a day out from contacting a lawyer or writing up a HUGE complaint to the company. This is completely unfair to me.

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