Contrary to what their advertising leads you to believe, Orkin doesn't actually provide home "protection" from termites and termite damage. Based on my experience, they only come in and kill new termite infestations after they have done their damage. I purchased a home 4 years ago. Alabama requires a "wood infestation report" as part of the process of the sale of residential real estate. I contacted Orkin to conduct that inspection and then immediately put the home under contract with them after they declared it to be termite my mind my home was now "safe" from termite damage.

Last week I was shocked when a tile in the master bath surround literally fell off into the tub. When I investigated the cause, I discovered significant termite damage in the wall behind the tub enclosure. I called Orkin and (after completely blowing off the first appointment) they came out and "treated" the area to make sure that the termites don't return. There is a "bait station" located within about a foot of where the damage begins and I asked the technician to pull it and look at it… The bait was over half gone… Proof that there is an active termite colony present.

Despite this evidence, when I contacted the local office manager about what to do about getting the damage repaired, he informed me that "my contract didn't cover any repairs." Needless to say, I wasn't happy and I continued to press him for information. His reply was that the contract that I "transferred" over from the previous owner didn't cover damage. That is a lie because this was not a "transfer" from the previous owner. There were no previously installed bait stations and I am the one who ordered the WIR subsequently requested the contract to continue to supposedly "protect" my home. I am now faced with several thousand dollars of repairs due to this termite invasion of my home.

As it stands right now, Orkin has indicated that they will not pay for any of the termite damage that obviously occurred while under their "protection" other words, there is no protection to the homeowner under their contract. Do not be fooled by Orkin's stated claim to be "… Leaders in the industry, specializing in protection against common pests, including termites…" The only thing that is truly protected is the Orkin profit line.

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