I have ordered numerous items from overstock.com and pay for the expedited shipping to receive my items faster and they never arrive by the date they are supposed to. I always have to contact support and get the shipping refunded today. I was supposed to receive a item that was a birthday gift and I absolutely needed by today 11/11 and contacted them twice to make sure it would be arriving by today and was told yes it will arrive by 11/11 and sure as you know what today came and went and no item. So when I contacted them to cancel my order as I went a different route to get the item was informed that their shipping arrival date only means the date they ship it out by, unlike Amazon or Ebay where the date on there is when you receive your item. With overstock that's only when they ship it out by so pay $25 for expedited shipping and it still takes them 4-5 days just to even mail it out! So back to Amazon I go.

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