I ordered a Christmas tree on November 3,2015. It is now November 18,2015 and still no tree. I chatted online two times with customer service reps and was told they have to trace the mystery tree FIRST which takes 1-4 business days. I asked why it takes them up to FOUR days to simply call their carrier, and just got a repeated message of "It will take 1-4 business days…" Then I have to wait another 3-6 business days before the replacement tree to be delivered! Anyway, once they realize that THEY NEVER SENT THE TREE IN THE FIRST PLACE, they "will send a replacement". Oddly enough, I got a confirmation email of my order, another confirmation order that my item was "ON IT'S WAY!" but – there was no trace of the order on my online account!

If and that's a BIG if I ever get this dang tree (that I researched for hours to find the best one, price etc…) I will NEVER shop form Overstock again. They do not want to answer basic common sense questions, they don't "get back to you" when they say they will. Enough! I should have bought the tree elsewhere. Maybe I'll get it by Christmas 2016.

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