I really don't believe what this company has become. I have seen the news broadcasts talking about how they say how much you save only to find out the process they compare to are prices THEY HAVE MADE UP! That's not my complaint, if we are shopping online we should know several prices so even though they are misleading customers they are still just selling product. I have even spoke with the same CSR that others have named so I kinda wonder how big this company really is? The service was horrible and I was flat lied to. I ordered two nightstands that are same price as Wal-Mart. I received ONE OF them with the label from overstock that said package number 2 of TWO, so I know they had both tables! After 4 days of not receiving table 1 of 2, we emailed to be told it would be four days more till we got second one.

Without going into all the nonsense. We didn't get table 1. I finally called, they told me it was out of stock (of course), when I got home that evening I looked it up. WAS NOT OUT OF STOCK! Price had gone up though! Hmmmm, never out of stock. Lied to me. Price went up. Never checked on shipment. I'm absolutely done with these cheats. Btw, I do still have all the emails, screenshots, and invoices for whatever good that does. I just want everyone to know that hundreds of the same reviews AREN'T WRONG. Do yourself a favor, let this business GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!

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