We moved in to this rental home in April. By June I had a bill of $840 which I paid, then July it was only $84, August was $78, thought I might have overpaid.in September I received bill for $3600, that's right, $3600. After contacting PG&E they are holding me responsible to pay this. I was floored. What house has a bill of $3600 for only a couple of months. I don't know who to contact about this. I called PG&E to arrange a payment plan over 7 months, plus pay the current bill each month, which is now $385 pmt arrangement and last month was an $800 bill. I don't have $1185 to pay. They refuse to work with me.

I have 4 teenagers at home, one with health issues, and a 10 month old grandson. That is someone's rent. I'm a single mom, and PG&E just sent me a 48 hour shut off notice. I'm going to try to call them again tomorrow, but this is way way way out of line. Something is seriously wrong here. Are they crazy to think this is okay? Any suggestions? I could really use some help here or legal advice or something.

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