Pampers premium care range is very disappointing. They were on offer at nahdi pharmacy. I bought 6 bags each containing 78 diapers. Prior to this I have been using the regular range from pampers. Me and my wife are disappointed to see none of the claims made by the manufacturer for premium care holds up. We now have to change the pampers every 2 hours even when the babies only pee once. The cotton is insufficient to hold more than 1 pee giving a moist sensation to the baby and then crying. We have also observed rashes on the inner thighs of both twins. If the babies pass stool the cotton is located less it does not absorb well leaving all the stool coming out from the back. I cannot understand how such an expensive range from pampers perform so badly. I have pictures to share the batch number of the pampers, incase it is a manufacturing defects. I would like the manufacturer to reach out to me.

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