I purchased a Panasonic Viera TV Model: TH-60AS700A 7 months ago! (April-15). While watching the TV it turned off and now I can't turn it back on. It a red/orange light blink 3 times. Rang Panasonic, repairer said if I pull it out of the wall for a few minutes and turn it back on and that does not fix it, it needs to be sent off for repair. That hasn't worked. Thankfully the shop we brought it from will give us a replacement TV (poor quality 55 inch – but at least it's a TV), while the TV is being fixed. We had a bug that got in the screen about 6mths ago and Panasonic said they wouldn't cover it and repairer said he won't fix it. The TV has been a great TV but I will never buy another Panasonic item.

I had a Panasonic mobile phone years ago, it was terrible – I should've learned then. Nothing in the manual about blinking lights. Nothing on their website to help you troubleshoot – unlike Sony who describe their 'blinking lights' code! Rude and unhelpful customer service when you call Panasonic too! Something should be done! This TV was $3400!

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