Panasonic doesn't want you to get their stuff repaired. They want you to buy new stuff. I had an awful time even finding a repair center. Their support auto attendant simply goes in circles. Only after you agree to PAY for support will they switch you to another auto attendant that does the same thing. By dumb luck I happened upon a reference to a service center in Dallas, TX. I listened to yet another recording instructing me to send my unit to their facility. I do that on 10-8-15 and nobody contacts me at all until 11-2 when I call to see what's up and they say we need a $45 diag fee. Well, how come nody contacted me. They had my cell and my email. They say somebody will contact me in 2 days after they look at it. 8 days later I call them again and they say they don't call customers??? Can't repair it, it's too old. No Parts! They knew it's age when I sent it to them. I gave them the model and serial. Wanted more money to ship it back to me. Wanted $12 to dispose of it for me. WTF!!! None of this was disclosed up front. Issac blamed me for not knowing they're process. Unbelievable! Last panasonic anything I'll ever buy.

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