Poor Customer Service: PANASONIC

We Brought Panasonic 42 inch LED TV 8 months ago. Now a vertical band is appearing right to the screen. I called and made a complaint to the customer service. I was told I would get a call in 24 hours. I waited but no call came and when called them again they gave me service manager number which I have called back and no response no one is lifting the call itself. Called them again. They changed number and asked me to call again which I have called back and no response this repeated 4 times in a day. How pathetic about the Panasonic service they provide to the customers. Next day morning again we tried calling them and said that we did not get any response. Then he said he will transfer call to executive to escalate. Which the transferred call was also not taken up. We ourself disconnected the call and did a call back to customer care. He is saying sry delayed due to rain and executive will call by 11' O clock today and No one reached us.
Your service is terrible and so are your products. I have realized that I had made a wrong decision that i had decided a Panasonic brand which really pains me. Hope so that my problem will be resolved at the earliest at your end

Thanks & Regards
Sravya Ganapaneni

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