Tonight I entered the Waterfront Panera in Homestead, PA at 7:30 P.M. I waited a good ten minutes with no service. I was the only one waiting to be waited on. Then two more customers entered the store. A server came from the back asked if I was waited on, I shook my head no then proceeded to wait on another customer. Then another server came from the back and told me and the customer behind me if we wanted waited on we should go to the front. I left and went to Starbucks!!!
This is not the first time I've been disappointed with this location!
The staff is not as friendly and respectful as they used to be (especially managers), it is not as clean, and the food isn't what it used to be either! I had a Brown avocado, spinach, and egg sandwich this past Sunday. I am sad because I have been a long time customer! I enjoy my morning Mochas and Sunday mornings with my family there. I

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