I have Used Parrot's, Menlyn, from time to time for business meetings over coffee or a meal, but never again. Their coffee isn't great and often arrives cold. A couple of weeks ago, a local store sponsored a tea party for pensioners, hosting it at Parrots. The service provided was atrocious ( maybe the waiters think old folks won't tip, so they ignore us? Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, that! )
The best example : I ordered by coffee early on. AN HOUR LATER it had not arrived! The waiter never returned, but I watched him wandering around the nearly empty restaurant. Only after three or four attempts to grab another waiter did I manage to get reluctant and surly service. I had ordered a large mug of filter coffee, but eventually received a tiny thimble of cold coffee., and walked out.
At no time did the invisible manager notice that customers were not being served and were visibly agitated and angry and he/she did nothing to help. When the sponsor complained, she was told, falsely, that I had been dealing with a newly hired waiter, though it was someone I have seen many times over the last year.
There is no excuse for such neglect, ever, but specially not in a largely empty cafe, wih more staff than they needed

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