I've had my (expensive) set for about a year now. If my small sauce pan or my small skillet is empty, they won't sit on the stove. They will fall off cause they are uneven. I also have had two pans bend after only having them a couple of months. I can't have them sitting in my cabinet w / other items or they will become misshaped & the lids won't fit on them like they are supposed to. I was so excited to finally be able to afford a pan set from Paula that I went out & bought rubber utensils so I didn't mess them up, & have been so very careful w / the heat setting so I don't mess up the nonstick lining. Then they got all bent out of shape & won't sit on my stove top correctly. I definitely would NOT recommend these to anyone! I'm VERY upset with these products! I should have bought a RR set like I bought for my mother.

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