Paychex 401K service. They offer "daily fund rebalancing" when you sign your business up for a 401K. Then they confirm a rebalance on their website but they only cash out your securities when they are much lower in price which may take several days. I've brought this to their attention most recently today 11-10-2015 and they have always told me that I am out whatever money they lost in messing up my portfolio rebalancing. This time its $2,000. This is the fourth time. My holdings have always been sold days later at a lower price, not once accidently at a higher price. This has made me very cautious and I'm now looking more carefully at the fees and fine print of a different 401K.
I also tried to get a loan of 50K to save my house. They are still putting me through the ringer by asking me to obtain "General Loan Paperwork" before they will authorize the transfer of my money. The home lender keeps sending me something that Paychex will not accept. Be very careful of a Paychex 401K and read the other comments regarding it. It seems like a pretty bad and possibly even a crooked outfit. Someone has to be taking the money by always selling my holdings at a lower price and shaving a few per cent out of my account. They have never made this right despite repeated requests for review.

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