Do not go to these people. They charge me $200.00 for their car smelling like marijuana. I was in a rush to go to Atlanta for an important appointment, and I asked Alex at the airport for the least expensive vehicle that they had. The manager immediately suggested a Impala, which was noticeably dirty, however that was not a big deal. After driving the vehicle, I noticed a marijuana odor which was strong enough to have me pull over, and inspect the vehicle to try to find it, but I could not find anything. So I thought it was just me, that the car may just smell like that, and proceeded to my appointment that I just made it in time. I bring the vehicle back on Friday, 13th, Nov. I checked my online account to balance my account to see a charge on my account $200.00 charged on the 12th, the same day I got the car. I swear before GOD that I did not cause the marijuana smell, it was there when I got the vehicle.

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