I am posting a comment on the corporate office site after having tried without success to work directly with the manager of one of the Payless Car Rental centers to receive a refund since May 2015. I have also been calling Payless Customer Service, but have not had success via that route either. Contacting the corporate office is my only recourse since the Better Business Bureau is not an available avenue (Payless isn't listed with the BBB— at least the office I worked with isn't listed). I tried sending a certified letter to the corporate office address but it was returned to me: "not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward" even though it had the listed address.

I rented a car from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport branch of Payless Car Rental on May 8,2015, and picked it up at approximately 3:30 pm. I did not purchase supplemental insurance because I am covered through my personal insurance (and my credit card company). It was a very hot day, and I was driving on a freeway at rush hour. I had driven approximately 15-20 miles when I saw the temperature warning light come on; shortly afterward, smoke started coming from under the hood and I immediately pulled to the shoulder (fortunately, I was under an overpass, which provided shade). I called the Payless office and requested to be towed back to the rental office for a new car; the woman who answered refused my request, saying that I would have to pay for a tow since I had not accepted the supplemental insurance. I said that this was a mechanical problem-i. E., Payless's responsibility; I had not been in an accident. She continued to argue with me and refused to arrange a tow. I finally gave up because it was getting late (and I was making no progress) and called my insurance company for a tow, assuming that I would straighten it out later. I was in Detroit to visit my elderly mother, and when I called her she was extremely upset about the situation so I just wanted to resolve the problem as quickly as I could.

The tow truck took over an hour to reach me, at which time it was almost 6:00 pm. The driver was going to tow the car to a nearby Ford dealership (the car was a 2014 Ford Fiesta), but by that time the dealership was closed. I tried calling Payless again, but no one answered the phone. I called the 1-800 Customer Service line and opened a case, and decided to have the car towed back to the airport because I was so frustrated by this time, as well as being so worried about my mother. The tow truck driver called his supervisor to see if he could tow me to the airport: this was approved as a second tow. The first one (to the dealership, which never happened) cost approximately $54.00. The second one, to the airport, cost me $150.00-it was charged to my credit card. Upon reaching the Payless lot, a mechanic opened the hood of the car and saw where coolant had leaked out of the reservoir due to a faulty hose, and saw that the reservoir was empty. He confirmed that this was NOT my fault. I turned in the keys, and the woman at the desk actually charged me for the use of the car: I was appalled, telling her that the day of use had been spent broken down under a highway overpass. She refused to negate the charge. It was now about 7:00 pm and I was fed up, exhausted from the heat of the day and from having been travelling since 5:30 am, and worried about my mother. I just had had it with Payless. I took the bill, walked around the corner to Thrifty Car Rental, rented a car for much more money, and went to see my mother, arriving around 9:00 pm.
Shortly afterward, I started calling the manager of the Payless facility— I'll call him Mr. D. Mr. D. Was very pleasant. He promptly refunded the cost of the day of rental to my credit card, apologizing for the problem with his employee. He also said that I definitely should not have been charged for the tow of the car due to mechanical malfunction. He asked me to send him the receipt for the tows: I worked out the problem of the first tow with my credit card company (since I hadn't really been towed), but the $150 bill remained. I sent that bill to Mr. D. He said that he would send that to a headquarters in New York (I believe) and that a paper check would be sent to me by mail. I have contacted Mr. D. Numerous times, and have still not received a check. As examples, I have called him July 1, August 12 (he said the "check had already been cut"), September 14, September 23 (I was told he was out of the office, so I asked to have him please call me back with the status of the payment. He never called me back.), and September 24 (I was told that he was out of the office again. The employee who answered the phone said that Mr. D. Was waiting to hear about the status of the payment before he called me back. He still hasn't contacted me.). I have also written him several e-mails to which I have received no replies. At first he was very pleasant, but now I feel he is avoiding my calls.

At the same time, I have been periodically contacting Customer Service via phone and e-mail. Some of those dates are the initial May date, June 2, and September 22. On the latter date, the agent asked Mr. D. To contact me (but he didn't).

Needless to say, I have little confidence that Mr. D. Is going to contact me or follow up on this: Payless (or Mr. D.) is not acting honorably. If Payless had paid the $150 towing charge as they should have, I would not have to make so many repeated calls; these calls are a major inconvenience to me as I work outdoors, away from telephones, much of the time. I have had to take time off work to call, and this is becoming stressful for me. I should have received the refund long ago, and this is not a pittance for me. I'm thinking that Payless is thinking I'm going to give up, but I won't. I will, however, tell folks not to use Payless, and I certainly won't use them again.

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