I showed up 2 hours early at Payless car rental place and to my surprised they were out of my full size car and at the time only have SUV available. I was asked to wait for 2 hours when my reservation was for and they refused to upgrade me. I then asked them if come 2 hours later no one returned a full size car then what happen, by then we can upgrade you! I told them to take me back to other car rental and was able to get a car from another rental company. The last time I rented from them at Ontario airport and I was an hour late, they cancel my reservation because I did not show up at the time you made the reservation.

Prior to Ontario, I was in Phoenix and rented with the same company (Payless), I have never heard of this from other rental companies, but Payless requires that you to fill up the gas within 5 miles of the airport and need to have a gas receipt to show that you filled up the gas within 5 miles of the airport!!! Never again will I rent from Payless. Although the price is cheap but you get cheap cars and cheap services…

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