I had not used my paypal account for more than 2 years. I was booking a resort vacation and the merchant only accepted paypal. I updated my card info on my paypal account but didn't realize that I made a typo error on my postal code. It wasn't giving me an error message so I kept submitting. Then my card got locked out. The screen was asking to try another card. I saw an option to add my bank account and so I did. Once I've added the bank account successfully, then it says to wait 3-5 for the money to go into my paypal account! Really? They say that after I had provided my bank account information.

I called Paypal Customer Service and they did their security check to make sure they were talking to the right account holder. Then they inform me that I tried submitting the card several times. Well, yes, because I knew nothing was wrong with my card. They said I have to wait 24-48 hours and I can try linking the card again and see if that works. Or move some funds from my bank account to Paypal wallet instead.

In the meantime, I've lost the reservation I've been trying to make. Paypal sucks! Merchants should not use Paypal. Other than they keep your money too long, it leaves a very bad customer experience. Merchants can apply for merchant account with any banks and there is no minimum billing requirement anymore and the rates are much lower than what Paypal charges them.

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